Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Music Review: Twin Forks EP

Words: Lindsay Bradley

Cynics might say that the world doesn’t need another jangly, foot-stomping folk band, but with this five-track EP, Twin Forks definitely bring something new to the genre.  They successfully blend the popular folk-rock style with classic roots and country, adding their own unique slice of joyous zest.

The band, featuring Chris Carrabba (Dashboard Confessional), Suzie Zeldin (The Narrative), Jonathan Clark and Benjamin Homola (Bad Books), have been working together for a while now and it shows - you can really hear how much they enjoy playing as a group.  

To complement their cohesion, Twin Forks offer a remarkably diverse sound.  The opening track ‘Back to You’ has a very organic feel to it, the unrefined sound shows that the band are more focused on providing a raw and honest performance.  When listening to ‘Cross my Mind,’ it’s hard not to smile and to resist singing along to the catchy chants from the opening notes. It becomes clear that listening to the EP is only half of the experience - this is the kind of band you go see live and join in with.

The five tracks explore a range of experiences, from finding love in ‘Back to You’ to fixing things in ‘Scraping up the Pieces’.  One cannot help but root for the guy who sings ‘I don’t have no ring but I can steal one on the way’ by the end of the EP.  The message is simple and we are all invited.

Carrabba’s voice is often scratchy and cracks at points but it blends nicely with Suzie Zeldin’s sweet harmonies.  Very much like Dashboard Confessional, the band want the audience to join the party. Only this time it’s not just a one-man-band; throughout you hear the various members of Twin Forks encouraging each other.  

It isn’t a perfect-sounding record by any means, but it has plenty of charm.  Each track is recorded live, which is testament to an authenticity of sound so often lacking in contemporary music.  The Twin Forks EP is a wonderfully cheerful record that will win over those in doubt.

The band is committed to the project and this is just the beginning.  Carrabba tells Billboard.com that they have a wealth of material, even as far to say that he "would like to release a song a month from the stash that won't be on the record." Who wouldn't love that? 

A full Twin Forks album is expected to be released at the beginning of 2014.

The EP is available now via iTunes and can be streamed here.

Oxford Road rating: ★★★★

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