Thursday, 21 November 2013

Poem: Healing


Gazing up from the gutter with grave eyes
Stoops a tangle of torn stockings and scarred skin
Startled, I stop and flop to my knees
And acknowledge her humanity with a touch.

“Please take me away from L.A.,” she says,
“Hollywood’s horrendous, unholy, Hell.”
I need not know the details of deeds done
To desire to save her sin-bitten soul.

Together we stagger past six or seven Starbucks
To land on rickety stools of an Outreach Mission
Where she slurps lamb broth without a spoon
While I share crusts of solace with the homeless.

She’s given a place to rest her leaden limbs
And as a tear graces her scratched cheek
She insists that she should show her thanks by
Washing my feet in cloudless water.

Author's Note: 'Healing' forms part of an acclaimed poetry collection which re-imagines the life of Jesus into present day America.  I am currently in the process adapting the collection to create a piece of poetic prose.  This will become the next instalment in my series of short fictions, Living Legends.  The provisional date for the release of 'Living Legends: Jesus Christ' on Amazon Kindle is 11th December 2013.

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