Sunday, 8 December 2013

Poem: Stapled


With the sharp slam of wood in the frame
your jeans clattered to the floor
like a small win on the slot machine
your arms, curved like a blade
tore at the vacuum- packed meat
that was stacked between your thighs

you stapled my hips to the mattress
forced your fingers into lace
I lay stiff as a dolly peg
and stubbornly let it slip
through wooden legs

you put my lips on mute
paused them
as you fast- forwarded
to the action
your body moving fast
with mine still on pause

your hands were ropes
with burning thumbs
a noose
around my blushing throat
toes stretching and dancing
for some stability

my body slid against your skin
like a deceived bird down a window
I dropped to cushioned grass with
wings spread.

Marie Staveley

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